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Merry Meet!

Merry Meet! My name is Purple-Dragon-Moonbeam-Essence. I am High Priestess of the Coven of the Fluffy Rainbow Bunnies, and I was handed down the sacred secret mysteries of the craft by Lady Ameasha-Rose Petal the third.

You're still here?


Now that I've got your attention, lol -

My name, actually, is Marylin (that's just my birth name, though I tend to think it's magical in itself). I am certainly no High Priestess - especially not for a coven named Fluffy Rainbow Bunnies! And there is no Lady Ameasha-Rose Petal the third, as far as I know.

Any mysteries or knowledge I possess have come from my own searching, and none of it is secret - that is unless you're not looking.

I'm a Witch. I do not follow any one religion or path - I do not fit into a box, nor do I ever wish to.

My interests lie heavily in healing, dream work, and kitchen witchery.

I spent most of my life in 'The Broom Closet,' and I don't recommend it. No one should be afraid to show who they are.

I strongly believe that to be a Witch is to honour and take care of the earth that takes such good care of you. Every generation has its purpose and right now, the Goddess needs us. The Witches of today need to set an example of healing and loving mother earth by doing all they can to help fix the earth's problems and help prepare her for the future.

If, as a Pagan, all you do is make incense, do rituals, and make yourself a snazzy magical name, you might as well be a Christian (gasp!).

A name or title carries with it responsibilities. What are you doing to help?

Anyway, I invite you to peruse this site and take what you can from it.

I hope you enjoy yourself!

Blessed be,

<3 M




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